Craft Design Course is the learning and experimenting field to practice monodukuri (creative design and manufacturing) with an aim to create a better living environment, while focusing on five kinds of materials closely related to our daily life. In this economic efficiency-based society flooded with rapid information and excessive goods, Japanese aesthetics, such as respect for nature and design bringing the best of materials, is gathering much attention from the world now.


The course is divided into sub-courses including Woodwork, Metalwork, Glassmaking, Ceramics, and Textile, and students will produce and propose items such as furniture, interior furnishing, accessory, tableware, fabric and others, while exploring possibilities of craft handwork and product design. One of unique characteristics of the course is the joint review and presentation of each assignments attended by all five sub-courses. In addition, social outreach programs, including special lectures given by creators from fields, joint research with companies, overseas workshops, public exhibitions and others, are actively executed, in addition to regular assignments.


After graduation, some of graduates establish themselves as craft artists and fine artists engaging in creative production based on original ideas, while exploring further possibilities of materials and craft techniques. Also, other graduates looks to the diversified society, and take active part in the field of interior / fashion / product designs as designers with expertise and experience in material.


Second Year
●Cract Design I:  Production of small chair
Students learn and understand the structure of chair as a tool for daily life, with an aim to understand characteristics of wood and master basic processing techniques.Students research and study the relationship between function and form during the actual production. The class focuses on the production process from the beginning to completion of the work.

●Craft Design II: Design and production of storage box
Students make storage boxes to store workshop tools, with an aim to study and master the processing technique of basic joints (Flat tenon-and-mortise joint, halving joint, finger joint).

●Craft Design III: Design and production of a small desk
Outline: Students design and produce small desks using the basic processing techniques, characteristics and structures of wood learned in Craft Design I and II.

Third Year

●Craft Design IV・V:  Design and production of storage furniture with consideration for function and structure. Lectures on actual measurement and drafting are also given
Students design and produce storage furniture appropriate for the living space. 
In addition, they also conduct and learn on-site measurement and drafting techniques.

●Craft Design VI: Design and production of armchair
Outline: Students design armchairs while paying special attention to make it comfortable to sit in. Through design of the armchair, they examine and study the relationship between function and form based on structures and ergonomics.

●Craft Design VII: Production of three-dimensional object
Outline: Students produce three-dimensional objects focusing on form, without any functional restriction. They are encouraged to incorporate expression methods such as painting and sculpture to create objects that influence the space, and re-evaluate the significance of craft.

Fourth Year

●Craft Design VIII: Design and production of furniture in specific space
Outline: Each student should select a specific space, and design / produce furniture that either enhances the space or can be used in the space. Relationship between furniture and space is explored based on each student’s imagination.

●Craft Design IX: Design and production of tableware and ornament
Design and production of tableware and ornament in the living room and the kitchen area. Students are expected to raise the level of intensity and quality and explore new possibilities of design and expression, while paying attention to relationship with space, tactile quality, weight, texture and more.

●Craft Design X: Free design and production

Each student should select a theme and design and produce freely, as a preliminary stage for graduation work. Students can work on preliminary planning of graduation work, but are expected to study thoroughly by drawings and others. Presentation should include sufficient contents.

●Graduation Work
Graduation work is the culmination of all studies during the four years. Each student should thoroughly examine the theme he/ she has pursued and freely explore figurative expressions while deep understanding material and techniques. Students are expected to freely design and produce graduation work that surpasses the conventional limits.




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