Industrial Design Course covers a diverse range of industrial products in general. Students
acquire basic knowledge and culture required for professional designers responding to the needs of a global society, and they engage themselves in design/ production/ research activities and learn through hands-on processes. The course aims to foster students’ ability to express, think, and see beyond diversified values and constant technological innovation, and expect them to contribute vigorously to proposing solutions for the next generation. We hope to cultivate industrial designers who will link design with social needs.


In Industrial Design Course, below items are included in subjects of design.


●Tooth brush, tableware, stationary, clock/ watch and other daily goods

●Mobile phone, mobile music device, PC and other information-related devices
●LCD TV, refrigerator, laundry machine and other home appliances
●Copying machine, computer and other office appliances
●Camera, microscope and other optical instruments
●Bicycle, motor cycle, automobile, bus, railway vehicle and other transport equipment
●Wheelchair, walking aid instrument, and other welfare instrument
●X-Ray equipment, ultrasonic inspection system, and other medical equipment


Two seminars to pursue further knowledge and expertise in each field


Industrial design deals with a wide range of fields. The course has adopted seminar system starting from the second semester of the third year. The course is divided in the product design seminar and the mobility (car) seminar focusing on automobile to pursue further knowledge and in each field.


First Year – Second Year (First Semester)
Basic classes of the course

●Basic practice : Moving form / Tools: meaning and a method of use

●Basic practice: Gift Design / Form making practice using building-up molding technique

Second Year (Second Semester)
Basics of Industrial Design

Specialized studies of Industrial Design Course starts from Second Semester.
Firstly, students develop ability to create attractive forms, which provides the basis of product design. Then they study and understand the anatomy and movement mechanism of the human body to explore forms and structures that can be easily used.
For the last design assignment of the second year, students design relatively simple daily goods for personal use. They are expected to develop proposals with consideration for usability and form making, while supposing components arrangement like actual products.
In addition, students learn the necessary skills for design work such as sketch work, modeling, drawing, presentation, evaluation and verification methods.

Form-making from images / Design of daily goods

Digital creation

Third Year (First Semester)
Application of Industrial Design

Students explore the relationship between humans and design through various design assignments of product design, and develop abilities to see things from various perspectives and create new ideas. Firstly, students study various contemporary life styles and find targets based on users’ values and think about methods of usage and styling to match the new life style. And then, they think about information interface of contemporary products through communication with humans and information devices in this increasingly information-oriented contemporary period.
For the final assignment of the first semester, students can select an assignment from two classes as preparation for the two seminars starting in the second semester. One of the classes is product design, and students design tools for daily work, while studying the human skeleton and muscle structures and movement mechanism to achieve high work efficiency. The other class is car design, and students explore new car design based on ideas developed from studies of layouts of passengers and spatial conditions when using the car.
By the end of the first semester of the third year, students gain abilities to analyze diverse inner factors of humans such as psychology and values, and also factors based on physical characteristics, and develop ideas from wide perspectives.

Life style design / Product interface design

Mechanism and design / Mobility design

Third Year (Second Semester)
Towards professional fields

The course is divided into Product Design Seminar and Mobility (Car) Design Seminar.
Each field has a different philosophy and technology of monodukuri (production). Students study with lecturers who are professional designers working in respective professional fields and aim to develop ideas based on multiple perspectives. In addition, they gradually develop further engagements with the society by working on universal and public designs based on their studies from the first semester.
During this period, our course is actively involved in hands-on and advanced Industry- Government- Academia Joint Projects.

Product Design Seminar / Mobility (Car) Seminar

Industry- Government- Academia Joint Project

Fourth Year
Towards more diverse perspectives

Graduation work is the culmination of all studies, and students strengthen their comprehensive ability that they will need as professional designers after graduation. Each student develops his/her theme while considering the future of monodukuri with visions for the better human society in the future and the global environment viewed from wider perspectives.
Students conduct various researches based on multiple perspectives and develop convincing proposals. The ideas should be developed based on new concepts, and students determine design directions through processes of prototype production, evaluation and verification. At the final stage, they bring the works to greater perfections to achieve excellent products. Graduation work will be exhibited in and out of the university, and also presented widely to the society.

Graduation work


  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019



【Electronics/machinery/ housing equipment】 OLYMPUS CORPORATION/ CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD./KATO WORKS CO., LTD./Clarion Co., Ltd./Kubota Corporation/SHIMANO INC./Seiko Watch Corporation/TWINBIRD CORPORATION/TESCOM & Co., Ltd./TOSHIBA CORPORATION/Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd./ Hitachi, Ltd./Fujitsu Limited/Brother Industries, Ltd./Musashi Engineering, Inc./MEIDENSHA CORPORATION/RICOH JAPAN Corp./ Logitec Co. and others

【Automobile / automobile-related】 K Technology Corporation/KOITO MANUFACTURING CO., LTD./SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION/STANLEY ELECTRIC CO., LTD./TAICA CORPORATION/Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd./TOYOTA AUTOBODY Co., Ltd./Toyota Motor Corporation/TOYOTA MOTOR EAST JAPAN INC./TOYOTA GOSEI Co., Ltd./NISSAN MOTOR CORPORATION/Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd./Hino Motors Ltd./FUJI HEAVY INDUSTRIES Ltd./Honda Motor Co., Ltd./Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and others

【Housing / office appliance / stationary & toys/ interior goods/ daily goods】 OLIVER CORPORATION/kai industries co., ltd./KAWAJUN Co., Ltd./KOKUYO Co., Ltd./KOTOBUKI SEATING CO., LTD./SAKURA HORIKIRI/SUGATSUNE KOGYO CO., LTD./TOMY Company, Ltd./Nakabayashi Co., Ltd./HASHIMOTO Co., Ltd./BALS CORPORATION/Pigeon Corporation/FICELLE Inc./MARNA INC./LEC, INC. and others

【Food/pharmaceuticals/ cosmetics】 COSMETEX ROLAND Co., Ltd./ SAKUMA CONFECTIONERY Co., Ltd./SEASTAR Corporation and others

【Fiber/Apparel/Textile】 T. KAWABE & Co., Ltd./SENSHUKAI Co., Ltd./Trinity Arts Co., Ltd./Rosemadam Co. and others

【Accessories/ Shoes/ Bags and others】 ACHILLES CORPORATION/ASICS Corporation/OTSUKA SHOE Co., Ltd./Kanematsu & Co., Ltd./Co., Ltd. Kay Uno/BARCOS co. ltd./MIZUNO Corporation/Moonstar Company/MOKUMEGANEYA CO., LTD. and others

【CG/animation/ game】 Index Corporation/EXP Corp./GREE, Inc./COLOPL, Inc./Cygames, Inc./BANDAI NAMCO Holdings. Inc./Visible

【Advertisement/Planning/Design】 HAKUHODO PRODUCT’S INC./KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN /SONICJAM/Human Code Japan/R&DMAK Co., LTD. and others

【Other services】 Resona Holdings Inc./ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS CO., LTD. and others

【Post Graduate Study】 Musashino Art University / Tokyo University of the Art/Kyoto Institute of Technology / Shizuoka University of Art and Culture


2015Industry- Government- Academia Joint Research / Workshop
●Company:MARUWA CORPORATION “Expanding Possibilities of Metal Products”
●Company:TAICA CORPORATION “Creation of New Values through Development of CMF”
● Company : Bridgestone Corporation “Future Mobility and Design of the Underside to Support It”
● Company: FUJI HEAVY INDUSTRY Ltd. “Future Mobility of Subaru to Promote Active Lives”

2014Industry- Government-Academia Joint Research / Workshop
●Company: TAICA CORPORATION “Challenge in CMF design : Automobile Interior after 10 Years”
●Company: COAROO CORPORATION “Proposal of New Shoulder Items utilizing COAROO Belt Structure”
●Company: Bridgestone Corporation “ Mobility Design in 2030 and Design of the Underside Supporting It”

2013Industry- Government- Academia Joint Research / Workshop
●Company: Tamagawa Eizai Co., Ltd. “Tokyo Metropolitan Government Industry- Academia Collaborative Design Innovation / Industry-Academia Project 2013” “Sanitary and Design Project”
●Company: Honda R&D Co., Ltd. “Personal Energy Life in the Future”
●Company: Bridgestone Corporation “Mobility Design in 2030 and Design of the Underside Supporting It”

2012Industry- Government- Academia Joint Research / Workshop
●Company:TOKAIRIKA Co., Ltd. “TOKAIRIKA Industry- Academia Collaborative Project”
●Company: ISEKI INC. “Tokyo Metropolitan Government Industry- Academia Collaborative Design Innovation / Industry-Academia Project 2012”
●Company:Toyota Motor Corporation “Sketch Workshop”
●Company: Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. “Design Workshop”

2011●Company: TOKAIRIKA Co., Ltd. “Tokairika Industry-Academia Collaborative Project”
●Company: NIPPON MEMBRANE CORP. “Tokyo Metropolitan Government Industry- Academia Collaborative Design Innovation / Industry-Academia Project 2011” “NM-Project”
●Company:L G Electronics Japan Lab. “White Home Appliances Project”
●Company: Toyota Motor Corporation “Sketch Workshop”
●Company: Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. “Design Workshop”

●Company: Baxter Ltd. “Medical Environment Project”
●Company: Graphico, Inc. “Tokyo Metropolitan Government Industry- Academia Collaborative Design Innovation / Industry-Academia Project 2010” “Comfortable CUSHON-Project”
●Participation in Toyota Student UD Workshop

●Company: KYOCERA Corporation Communications Equipment-Related Division Design Center “Kyocera Project” 2 patent applications
●Participation in Toyota Student UD Workshop

●Company: Seiko Epson Corporation Product Design Center “E-Project”
●Company: CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. R&D Division Design Center “EXILIM-Project” 1 patent application, 2 applications for design registration
●Participation in Toyota Student UD Workshop

2007●Company: TAKADA SHIKI SEISAKUJO “Tokyo Metropolitan Government Next Design Project 2007” “Calendar Project” Selected in the 59th ALL JAPAN CALENDER EXHIBITION
●Company: LG Corp. Design Management Center “LG-Project”
●Company: NIHON MEDIX CO., LTD. “Tokyo Metropolitan Government Next Design Project 2007”

●Company: TOSHIBA CORPORATION Design Center “T-Project” Participation in Exhibition of “Yokohama Human Techno Land 2006” Organized by Social Welfare Corporation Foundation for Yokohama Rehabilitation Services Participation in International Transportation Design Forum 2006 in Germany (Presented Industry-academia collaborative work “HONDA-Project”)
●Company: Rhesca Corporation(“Tokyo Metropolitan Government Next Design Project 2007”) “Solder Checker Design Project”

●Company: SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION “SUZUKI-Project” [SUZUKI-Project]“Instrument Panel Design for the Near Future: Proposal for Comfort and Values” Exhibited at SUZUKI Booth in the 39th TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2005 Participation in Exhibition of “Yokohama Human Techno Land 2005” Organized by Social Welfare Corporation Foundation for Yokohama Rehabilitation Services
●Company: Honda Motor Co., Ltd. “HONDA-Project” Proposal of Small Car for the Next Generation: Exploring Values of Car Life