Point of instruction and interest
– Sharing the human-centered design method through design assignments.
– Visualization of information for creative activities


Work experience
1985 Entered Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Worked on conception and design of Sharaku (hand-held copier) series, multi-functional digital color printers and more.
2001-13 Worked on design strategy planning in collaboration with Xerox Corporation in the US, including trade dress (color and CI representation), operational graphics, universal design, and GUI.
2006-13 Branding and GUI construction of DocuWorks, Apeos and more.
2007 Revision of JIS graphic symbols of multi-functional printers.
Transferred to Research Department.
2015 Commercialization of Real-time Graphic Presentation Seminar.
Currently researching the effects of hand-drawn graphics.


“Sharaku”: Fuji Xerox’s entry into the market of personal items (1988)


“Design Strategies”: branding of Xerox Corporation in the US and Fuji Xerox, and constructing operability. (2003- )


“DocuWorks” : branding and GUI construction of an office work software (2013)


“Universal design”: examples of products (2010- )


“Real-time Presentation Seminar” by Fuji Xerox Learning Institute: a scene from the workshop (2015)