TAKEDA Seiichiro


1980 Graduated from Department of Industrial, Interior and Craft Design, Musashino Art University
1988 Built his own wood kiln in Hakushu Machi, Yamanashi Prefecture.
He presently works mainly on porcelain ware using PG kiln.

Seiichiro Takeda produces works responding to the contemporary life style while respecting tradition and classics based on concept derived from on his research and development of glaze with specific characteristics and design and production using such glaze. To be specific, his works are based on celadon or Chinese porcelain and Tenmoku, and Takeda believes that it is an important task of monodukuri to strictly control the vigorous kiln degeneration and contingency during production.


Water Jar with Openwork Design “Forest” 2013


Circle Flower vase with Openwork Design 2013


Beer Tumblr 2013


Tea Bowl / Celadon glaze with ice cracking 2013


Tea Bowl / Black glaze with Leaf design 2013