SUZUKI Yoshimi


Graduated from Department of Industrial, Interior and Craft Design, Musashino Art University


Theme of work
Theme of Suzuki’s work is related to various feelings and scenes.
In recent years, she applies treatment such as shaving to soft shapes of blown glass piece to create different impressions and express gentle feelings and thoughts.
After graduating from the university, Suzuki studied at Toyama City Institute of Glass Art until 2000. She was awarded Grand Prix in Glass in Japan ’99 exhibition in 1999. After graduating from the Institute, she presented works in numerous solo and group exhibitions. In 2013, Suzuki won Sponsor’s Special Award in “OPPAI ART LAB πr jijou ten” exhibition.


a plate of snow and the ice 2013


Thought to nestle 2014


Round heart 2014


the case for heart 2015