SORAI Yukako


1994 Master Program at the Graduate School of Art and Design, Musashino Art University.


Yukako Sorai makes artworks using fiber and especially felt taking advantage of wool milling process.
From1994 to 2008, Sorai worked as a textile designer for The Japan Wool Textile Co., Ltd., and was in charge of planning and development of clothing fabric mainly made of wool, design of blankets, and production of felt materials. In 2008, she established herself as textile artist and has been presenting works mainly at solo exhibitions.
She won several awards such as the Grand Prix of the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry in the Japan Creation Textile Contest 2003 and the 2012 Craft Boston Award of Excellence (USA).


Crateri Mossi 2011


Maieutica 2012


Enigma 2013


Anemone 2016