Research Associate

1990  Born in Nagano Prefecture
2014  Graduated from Textile Course, Department of Industrial, Interior and Craft Design, Musashino Art Univeristy
2014  Textile Course Departmental Assistant
2015〜 Textile Course Research Associate


Research Theme
Formative art expression utilizing techniques of batik and silkscreen printing


Group Exhibition
’14 Graduation Work Exhibition(SPIRAL, Aoyama)
‘15 Today’s Action Research Group Exhibition(Senbikiya Gallery, Tokyo) MAU Academic Assistant Exhibition (Museum of Musashino Art University)


Industry / Government / Academic Collaborative Research
2013 Jiyujin Satoyama Jujo Project
2015 Good Design Award (Jiyujin Satoyama Jujo Project )


that day no.1 (2015)


that day no.2 (2015)