NEMOTO Ryuichi


Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.
Division Director of Technical Development Division and Director of HCD Center


■Research Theme:
Focusing on communication design with users, Ryuichi Nemoto pursues design realizing comprehensibility, usability and beautiful form, as well as interface design.


1982Graduated from Department of Industrial, Interior and Craft Design, Musashino Art University
Entered Hitachi, Ltd. and assigned to Design Center
Responsible or design of devices such as AV、OA、and medical-related equipment, and GUI design of touch screen.
1991Communication design of information-related equipment such as bank ATM, Industrial equipment and others.
2000Hitachi, Ltd., IT Division/ Business Planning Division
Concept work of business branding and promotion of media development strategy and others
2004Hitachi, Ltd. Corporate Communication Division
Direction of Communication Design and GUI Design
2006Hitachi, Ltd. Design division, Chief of Management Strategy
Planning and management of design in general from a management point of view
2009 Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.
Launched Design Section in Technical Development Division
responsible for design development of products


■Activities outside of company
1988~1995Joint project with RICOH JAPAN Corp. Development of AV /OA-related equipment
1996~1999Lecturer for In-house lecture “Marketing and Design”
1997~2000Lecturer (outside of company) for “Practical design and GUI design” at NRI Learning Network
1998Lecture: “Hands-on GUI Design in business” at Digital Scape Co., Ltd.
2015Lecture: “Readily visible and intelligible Visual Display Design” at THE BANK OF FUKUOKA, LTD.


1995-1998 Video camera, MPEG camera


1995-2000 PDA FAX Word processor


Branding concept formulation and media deployment.


2009-Current System GUI-related