NAKAHARA Shunsaburo


Graduated from Industrial Design Course, Department of Industrial, Interior and Craft Design, Musashino Art University


Research theme and current work
Nakamura is focused on researching the process of setting targets based on customers’ life styles and values and translating them into design.
He is engaged in product design and design consulting.


1990 Worked at Design Center,Hitachi, Ltd.
Established Saburo Design Co., Ltd.
1991 Award of Excellence, International Design the Future Competition, organized by Nikkei Inc.
2000 Award of Excellence, Long Distance Aircraft Seat Competition, organized by KOITO Holdings Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Corporation
2003 – 2005 Serial publication of design column “Mono Design Jijou”, evening edition, Mainichi Newspapers Co., Ltd.
2006 – 2013 Proposal for Industry – “Academia Joint Project for Design Innovation” organized by Tokyo Metropolitan Government
2008 – 2011 MOE Elite Scholarship Program for Overseas Study in Arts and Design/Taiwan
2012 Lectured at Northwest University and Xi’an University of Technology
2013 ICSID General Assembly XXVIII International Conference
2014 Lectured at China Academy of Art Shanghai Institute of Design


Member of Japanese Cognitive Science Society and Japan Industrial Designers’ Association
Submitted vaious proposals for Industry-Academia joint projects



HITACHI Prtable Component MS-W600 America/Europe Model


BUTTERFLY ZL Fiber Pingpong Racket “Photino”


Industry – Academia Joint Design Development Project 2010
[Design Development of Comfortable Cushions] / Graphico, Inc.


Industry – Academia Joint Design Development Project 2012
[Design Development of Beehive] / ISEKI INC.

Industry – Academia Joint Design Development Project 2013
[Design Development of Sanitary Masks for Sports / Tamagawa-Eizai Co., Ltd.