Craft Design Course is the learning and experimenting field to practice monodukuri (creative design and manufacturing) with an aim to create a better living environment, while focusing on five kinds of materials closely related to our daily life. In this economic efficiency-based society flooded with rapid information and excessive goods, Japanese aesthetics, such as respect for nature and design bringing the best of materials, is gathering much attention from the world now.


The course is divided into sub-courses including Woodwork, Metalwork, Glassmaking, Ceramics, and Textile, and students will produce and propose items such as furniture, interior furnishing, accessory, tableware, fabric and others, while exploring possibilities of craft handwork and product design. One of unique characteristics of the course is the joint review and presentation of each assignments attended by all five sub-courses. In addition, social outreach programs, including special lectures given by creators from fields, joint research with companies, overseas workshops, public exhibitions and others, are actively executed, in addition to regular assignments.


After graduation, some of graduates establish themselves as craft artists and fine artists engaging in creative production based on original ideas, while exploring further possibilities of materials and craft techniques. Also, other graduates looks to the diversified society, and take active part in the field of interior / fashion / product designs as designers with expertise and experience in material.


Second Year

●Craft Design I: Production of Reliefs and puzzles
Students learn the basics of how to use tools for metal work through production of reliefs by chasing small copper sheet and production of puzzles by piercing sheet metals.

●Craft Design II: Production of a small box 
Students make two small boxes of the designated size using copper sheet and zinc sheet, and then decorate the surfaces using techniques such as enameling, etching, openwork and others. Students master advanced techniques through producing works by built-up construction.

●Craft Design III: Production of cutlery
Students consider the balance between function and decoration through production of cutlery using basic techniques of metalwork.

Third Year

●Craft Design IV (optional) : Production of interior design goods
Production of interior design goods (flower stand, candle stand and others) using steel forging technique. During the first half of the class, students practice the technique to get used to handling of steel, and during the second half, they learn design process and produce the works within the designated range of material and size.

●Craft Design IV (optional): Basics of jewelry production
Students learn jewelry design and the basics of jewelry production through production of following items: Rings, Pendant, and Brooch.

●Craft Design Ⅴ: Design production /Fairy Tale
Students select a fairy tale and design the key object and scenery based on their own interpretation of the story to learn how to develop a design concept.

●Craft Design Ⅵ: Design production / Site-specific
Students are assigned to design for a specific site, or how to design based on ideas derived from a specific site. During the process, students should consider history and other matters related to the site, and learn how to develop a design concept.

●Craft Design Ⅶ: Design production / Ritual
Students develop ideas for an object used for a private ritual, and design and produce them. Students focus on their own interests for “mono” (thing / object / matter ) and learn to develop original design.

Fourth Year

●Craft Design Ⅷ: Free production / “ Tsui ”(a pair/ a set)
Based on the theme of “Tsui” (a pair / a set), students select material and technique, and conduct research and studies to explore original expressions.

●Craft Design Ⅸ: Free production / “ Ma ” (space / gap / in between / interval)
Based on the theme of ““ Ma ” (space / gap / in between / interval), students select material and technique, and conduct research and studies to explore original expressions.

●Craft Design X: Free production
Free production with prospects for graduation work.

●Graduation work
Free production based on a theme appropriate as the culmination of the four 
academic years.




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